Conférence IPAC-CÉLAT – Nezar Alsayyad

conf. AlSayyad


Conférence, en anglais, présentée dans le cadre du 1er colloque étudiant de l’IPAC

Nezar Alsayyad
Professeur à l’Université de Californie, Berkeley

Vendredi, 1er avril 2016 à 11h30
Pavillon Charles-de-Koninck, salle 5172
Université Laval

Consuming Heritage and the End of Tradition: From the Vernacular to the Global

The changes that the world has undergone over the past two decades have created a dramatically altered global order which requires a new understanding of the role of traditional settlements in the reconstruction of history. Using a model which is based on recognizing the historic inevitability of dominant relationships between the so-called First and Third Worlds, this talk will review the different historic phases relevant to the study of such traditional settlements: the insular period, the colonial period, the era of independence and nation building, and the present era of globalization. Four accompanying settlement forms – the indigenous vernacular, the hybrid, the modern or pseudo-modern, and the postmodern – are identified and analyzed in relationship to their historic contexts.





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